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How We Create Our Jewelry


Experience the 4 Paws Difference - All Jewelry Is Custom Made For You!

We create custom jewelry for pet lovers from all around the world.  We employ the traditional jewelry making method of “Lost Wax Casting” whose origins have been around an estimated 5,000 years and is still the best method for creating superior quality jewelry.

Once you place an order, we create an exact wax replica of your jewelry piece. If you are creating a personalized piece with your pet’s actual paw print, then we use a computer aided design program to create an exact wax replica. Your local jeweler would charge between $200 to $500+ just for the design fee alone!!! We do it for significantly less because we specialize in creating paw print jewelry and have been doing it for almost two decades.

After we create the wax replica, we “invest” your wax jewelry piece and prepare a mold ready for “metal casting”.  After 48 hours, we “hand pour” generous amounts of molten silver or gold and let cool. We then polish your piece to perfection. Our master jeweler has over 20 years finishing experience. If all goes well, it usually takes about 5-7 business days from start to finish. [For “Custom Paw Print” pieces, please add 5 days to the above process due to additional design time.]

You will absolutely love the jewelry we create for you. It will provide you with a lifetime of wonderful memories and will be a conversation piece wherever you go. Money back guarantee too!

True Story

Why we create our jewelry this way? One time it took an unbelievable five attempts to create a custom pendant from Charlie's paw print and we couldn’t figure out what was happening. We apologized to Charlie's owner. She said, "No worries, Charlie was always stubborn." There are many similar stories and because of that, we believe that there is a piece of your pet's spirit in everything we create. We would be honored to create a special piece just for you.