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About Us

Founded in 2002, 4 Paws Forever is a private organization with a mission to help privately funded Humane Shelters and Rescue Organizations nationwide. As avid animal lovers ourselves, we started by offering custom items to our friends and have since expanded our reach worldwide.

Currently we operate out of Northern Nevada with a focus on designing and creating the finest custom jewelry for animal lovers. At 4 Paws, our specialty is creating fine jewelry from your pet's actual paw print. Regardless of which piece you choose, all of our jewelry and gifts are original designs and handmade for each order. We use the traditional methods of craftsmanship in everything we create. 


In addition to a clear focus on quality in our products, it is also incredibly important for us to give back. 4 Paws Forever regularly makes donations to privately funded no-kill humane shelters and rescue organizations across the country. For specific gift purchases, we also plant trees in our National forests exclusively in honor of our beloved pets.  

To be considered for a donation, please complete our application form and send it in along with any pertinent information regarding your event. Please submit your request at least 45 days in advance of your event. 

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