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We are known for our Artisan crafted Made-to-Order pet jewelry and gifts. All are "4 Paws Forever Originals" handcrafted by talented Artisans and can only be found here on this website. From our Wind Chimes to our Memorial Jewelry, each is made to order for the intended recipient. Our sympathy gifts and custom pet jewelry are very popular! They are unique, personal and made with that extra special touch! ...and they're perfectly packaged too!

"For it is in giving that we receive" ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Why settle for a mass produced import from the "Corporate Guys"?
Create an Artisan crafted gift made just for them!
A 4 Gift From Paws Forever Helps Pets Find Forever Homes - Charity

Wood Gift Cards

Wood Gift Cards

Pet Sympathy Tree Cards-a

Pet Sympathy Tree Cards

4 Paws Forever Photo Frames-bc

4 Paws Forever Photo Frames

Engraved Granite Hearts-d

Engraved Granite Hearts

Whispering Wind Chimes-e

Whispering Wind Chimes

Jewelry Gift Packages-f

Jewelry Gift Packages

4 Paws Memorial Tags-

4 Paws Memorial Tags
Horse Collection-g

Horse Collection

Collar Boxes-h

Collar Boxes

Key Chains-h

Key Chains

Gift Certificates-i

Gift Certificates
4 Paws Harmony Pendant-f

4 Paws Harmony Pendant
$79.00 Special Price! $59.00