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Charms have been worn since the pre-historic period to bring good luck, remembrance, or ward off evil spirits. It is believed that the first charm bracelets were worn by Assyrians and Babylonians. Medieval Knights also wore charms for protection in battle. There is a story behind every custom jewelry piece we create. Let us create one for you!

Almost every 4 Paws Forever jewelry piece can be made to accommodate a charm bracelet. We hand cast all our charms the "Old Fashion Way" the same way jewelry casting has been done for years! You can absolutely see and feel the difference.

4 Paws Journey Charm-

4 Paws Journey Charm
Companion Bone Charm-

Companion Bone Charm
$79.00 Special Price! $49.00
Companion Fish Charm-

Companion Fish Charm
Cross Charm-

Cross Charm
Custom Paw Charm-

Custom Paw Charm
Heart Charm-

Heart Charm

Single Paw Charm-

Single Paw Charm
Charm Bracelet-a

Charm Bracelet
Custom Paw Charm Bracelet-i

Custom Paw Charm Bracelet