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May 2018

Posted by Jeane on 18th May 2018

Raised Single Paw Pendant with Custom Paw

~ Paw print pendant - Karen is the kindest, gentlest, compassionate person I know who was very thoughtful when I requested a paw print pendant for my fur-child. I was distraught when my fur-child passed away and wanted everything to be right as right could be since I was trying to hold onto every little bit of memory I could of my Pitbull, Gizmo. Karen was very sweet and empathetic; she made sure everything was right since she knew first hand what I was going through. I would highly recommend Karen/4 paws forever if you're ever looking for someone sincere and will get the job done correctly. More importantly, someone who listens and keeps the communication open and replies to every question or concern. When everything was done, the paw print pendant looked identical to the picture I sent, which made it that much more special.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Gizmo's paw print pendant. I love it!!

Best regards,