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Common Expressions

Common Expressions Used For Remembering A Companion [All will fit on a photo frame]

- My Beloved Pet

- Our Beloved Pet

- My Faithful Friend

- Our Faithful Friend

- In Memory Forever

- Rest in Peace

- My Buddy

- Our Buddy

- Forever in My Heart

- My Faithful Friend & Companion

- Our Faithful Friend & Companion

 - Until We Meet Again, Find Peace in Heavens Hands

- Gone Yet Not Forgotten, Your Spirit Lives Within Me

- Rest Well My Faithful Friend

- If Tears Could Build a Stairway and Memories a Lane, I’d Walk Right up to Heaven and Bring You Back Again

- No Farewell Words Were Spoken, No Time to Say Goodbye, You Were Gone Before We Knew It, But Only God Knows

- Our Hearts Still Ache in Sadness, and Secret Tears Still Flow, What It Meant to Lose You, No One Will Ever Know

- Gone Yet Not Forgotten, Although We Are Apart, Your Spirit Lives Within Me, Forever in My Heart