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Healing Bracelet - Bone

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Product Overview

Capture the healing properties of wearing copper! Our Healing Bracelet with our Companion Bone charm is made from 100% copper. The price includes a 7.5” copper hook & eye bangle wire bracelet. 

Bracelet Information: 

Item number: JYHB DB300

Metal: Solid Copper 

Charm Length: 1.0" 

Charm Width: 0.5" 

What Makes Our Jewelry Special

 Each piece is handcrafted and individually made in the USA with a focus on using the highest quality materials. Our jewelry is made to be worn!

Warranty Information

Warranty: We are passionate about what we do and we believe that you will not find a better value or quality than in 4 Paws Forever Custom Jewelry piece or Gift. However, if you do not share the same sentiment, we offer a generous no-hassle return policy. Just return the item [Even Custom Paw Print items!] within 30 days in its original packaging and we will refund the total purchase price.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review